• Regional Project project, 01/2017 -

      HuManS "Human centered Manufacturing Systems"

      POR-FESR 2014/2020 - Azione 3 "Fabbrica Intelligente"
      Project leader: Andrea Sanna
      Human's ability is the main tool that allows the development of high-value-added industrial products. This research program is aimed at integrating the latest industrial automation systems for assembly operations with human capabilities, by defining new manufacturing paradigms and in particular Human Centered Manufacturing. The combination of strength, speed, repeatability, and precision of automation with the ...
    • EU project, 07/2013 - 06/2016

      EASE-R3 "Integrated framework for cost-effective and ease of Repair, Renovation and Re-use of machine tools within modern factory"

      VII Framework Programme - FP7-2013-NMP-ICT-FOF (608771)
      Project leader: Andrea Sanna
      "EASE-R3 project aims at developing a novel Integrated framework for a cost-effective and easy Repair,Renovation and Re-use of machine tools within modern Factory (machining shop floor), oriented both to SME and large OEM/end-users, and covering the entire life cycle of the system (from design stage through operative life). The current maintenance policies, including e.g. RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance) ...
    • Regional project, 07/2012 - 06/2014


      POR FESR 2007-2013
      Project leader: Andrea Sanna
      The project aims to create a Cloud Computing infrastructure for interactive 3D applications that will become usable in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. Among the applications affected, there are instruments for visualising scientific data, CAD software, 3D modelling systems used in medical, artistic and technical fields and so forth. The project's work focuses on the development of a group of technologies ...
    • EU project, 02/2012 - 10/2015

      OASIS "Openly Accessible Services and Interacting Society"

      Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme - CIP ICT PSP (297210)
      Project leader: Andrea Sanna
      The project aims at building a platform of interactive services thanks to data sharing, for citizens, associations, local authorities and companies. For local authorities and institutions, this is a new way of offering public services and favouring the citizen participation. This is also the opportunity of guaranteeing a public set of co-built data confirming their accessibility for all on the same conditions, ...
    • Regional project, 2012 - 2012

      WUIT "Web User Interest Tracking"

      Regione Piemonte, bando Misura I.1.3 Poli di Innovazione - ICT (201-76C)
      Project leader: Fabrizio Lamberti
      The project is a feasibility study, which aims to make some preliminary checks to the creation of a system for collecting statistical data related to the interests of users and web browsing habits on the pages of a site.
    • EU project, 10/2011 - 11/2013

      TAMTAM "Exploiting the TIPTOE plAtforM by transferring ECVET and EQF semAntic tools in a Multi-sectoral perspective"

      LLP - Life Long Learning - LdV - Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation (2011-1-IT1-LEO05-01969)
      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      The project identifies specific objectives and aims at enabling the young people to receive a training which comes through the local barriers, for example a virtual, geographical and sectoral mobility; but also they will allow to develop a real mutual trust among the workers/operators of the different contexts. The objectives are as follows: _ Representing a EQF level 5 qualification for each chosen sector ...
    • EU project, -

      MATCH "Informal and non-formal competences matching devise for migrants' employability and active citizenship"

      LLP - Life Long Learning - GRUNDTVIG (510739-LLP-1-2010-1-ITGRUNDTVIG-GMP)
      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      The core overall objective of the project is the development of a web-based functional tool (from test version to the dynamic working system) connecting the migrants' competences acquired in formal, non-formal and informal contexts to occupational profiles and to companies' labour demand. The system will be adopted by the Chambers of Commerce/training organizations involved in the present proposal as they are ...
    • EU project, -

      NQF-SQF "Common grounds for referencing NQFs and SQFs to the EQF"

      LLP - Life Long Learning - LdV - Leonardo da Vinci (EACEA-LLP-KA1EQF)
      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      "The overall aim of the project NQF-SQF is to create common grounds for referencing national qualifications frameworks and sectoral qualifications frameworks to the EQF (European Qualifications Frameworks), thereby providing for comparability of qualifications on the basis of learning outcomes defined in terms of abilities required by work processes. This shall be enabled by the use of an instrument to be ...
    • EU project, 12/2009 - 2015

      LITES "Led-based intelligent street lighting for energy saving"

      Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme - CIP ICT PSP (238916)
      Project leader: Fabrizio Lamberti
      The project solution delivers an intelligent public street lighting service using solid-state lights LED in order to reduce energy consumption. Manufacturing the LED technology and the embedded intelligence, it is significant energy saving potential up to 70 %. The core element of the solution is the dimming of the lamp depending on the environment; a set of embedded sensors measures ambient light, ...
    • project, -

      PIPIOT "Piattaforma Tecnologica Innovativa Per l’Internet Of Things"

      Regione Piemonte, "Regolamento di Esenzione 2009"
      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      The objective of the project is to design, implement and validate an innovative technological platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) capable to overcome the limitations of current market solutions and presenting, as main features, pervasiveness, transparency, portability, flexibility, context sensitivity, auto-adaptiveness and auto-configurability. The development of IoT solutions can bring significant ...
    • EU project, 2008 - 2010

      TIPTOE "Testing and implementing EQF-principles in trade organization and education"

      Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation (NL/08/LLP-LdV/TOI/123011)
      Project leader: Fabrizio Lamberti
      The TIPTOE project proposes to tackle the problem of interpretation and application of EQF- and ECVET-principles within one sector: the trade sector. Moreover, TIPTOE proposes to overcome not only the gap between the different European VET- and qualification systems, but also the (cultural) differences in the meaning, content and interpretation of tasks and functions on the European labour market in the trade ...
    • EU project, -

      EQF-SECTOR "The relation between sectoral qualification and the European Qualification Framework (EQF)"

      2008-0157/AO/ECVL/TSK JB/SectoralQualifications/010/08
      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      The project aims at answering the following questions: Is there a need, triggered by the development of qualifications outside the domain of national systems or frameworks, to turn the EQF into a common reference point also for independent qualifications awarded by sectors and companies? What is required, in terms of mechanisms generating/enhansing mutual trust, to develop the EQF into a common meta-framework ...
    • project, 2007 - 2008


      Private grant
      Project leader: Paolo Montuschi
    • EU project, -

      VETAS "VET stakeholders of the automotive sector"

      LLP - Life Long Learning - LdV - Leonardo da Vinci (142793-LLP-1-2008-1-DE-LEONARDO-LNW)
      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      Today's automotive sector is characterized by steadily ongoing work process innovations, by the development of global delivery networks, and by increasing competition. This yields a lot of requirements for the employees in terms of flexibility to cover the needs of this ever-changing world of work, or, in other words, the ability to cope with complex work requirements which can only be determined properly on ...
    • EU project, 02/2008 - 01/2010

      WAYS "Ways to sustainability"

      LLP - Life Long Learning - LdV - Leonardo da Vinci (137951-LLP-2007-DE-KA1EQF)
      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      The views of a big number of stakeholders on the EQF differ considerably in terms of understanding and focus of interest. But on the other hand the introduction of qualification frameworks at different levels (national, sectoral) require a good sustainable collaboration. It is suggested to describe ways how these problems can be solved by evaluating material already available for this purpose (statements, ...
    • project, -

      SESAMO "Simulating the implementation and supporting the start-up by exploiting HELEN and BEATRIC"

      LLP - Life Long Learning - LdV - Leonardo da Vinc (LLP-LDV/TOI/2007/IT/188)
      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      Since the establishment of the European Union, students' mobility has become a relevant topic in European legislation, but, while in Higher Education (HE) student transfers between Universities are a praxis, often in Vocational Education and Training (VET) they are still a declaration of intents: for instance, nowadays, for a VET student who wants to continue his/her study career abroad it is difficult to find, ...
    • project, -

      EASCMF "European Automotive Sector Competence Meta-Framework"

      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      The overall objective of the EASCMF project is to create conditions for setting up a sectoral competence framework for the European automotive sector. This European Automotive Sector Competence Meta-Framework can in turn serve as the starting point from which the proposed EQF can be applied to, and evaluated from, skilled work in the automotive sector, both by employers and by practitioners planning their ...
    • Regional project, -

      GAL-PMI "Anticipando Galileo: Prodotti e servizi a supporto della Mobilità e della sIcurezza"

      Regione Piemonte, DOCUP 2000-2006 Misura 3.4 Obiettivo 2
      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      The project refers to the availability of a satellite system (Galileo) which enables the localization and the possibility to introduce and use various services for mobility of people and vehicles, taking into account environmental, energy and transport problems.
    • project, -

      ORSA-MINORE "Organizzazione delle ceRtificazioni con applicazione di Smart cArd nei MestIeri e nelle inNOvazioni del maRE"

      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      The area of ??intervention of the project is 'New trades of the sea and maritime transport'. The goals of the project are divided into three areas: promoting teh integration of young people in the labor market, support mobility in the fields of training and work) and inform the users (on employment opportunities and by publicizing and exploiting project results).
    • project, -

      ECVET "Study on the feasibility of an ECVET system for apprentices (testing phase)"

      (EAC/64/05 2005-4996/001-001 PIL-PILOTP)
      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      The project identifies three specific components: 1) analysis of the obstacles related to transnational mobility; 2) assessing the implementation of ECVET related to already existing certification systems; 3) feasibility of implementing an operational point of view.
    • project, -

      EXPERO "Expectations and PERcerptions Of quality in VET"

      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      As it is necessary to increase adequateness of the VET to the demand of the territory, this project aims to create a model of analysis and comparison between expectations and perception of the received service. The model ServQual (Parasuraman, Berry and Zeithaml, 1988) is considered a basic theoretical approach to the model, intensively adopted by Public Administration (from health service to public services) ...
    • project, -

      VET-PROFESSIONAL "Vocational Educational Training PROFessionals: for a European Space of collaboratION And Learning"

      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      The project V.E.T. Prof.e.s.s.ion.a.l was born directly from the partners’ experiences in the chosen target sector that is the post-secondary non-university education and training system which is acquiring an ever increasing importance in the near future. The V.E.T. Prof.e.s.s.ion.a.l partners identified as the target group the education and training professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in ...
    • EU project, -

      HELEN "tHe European LEarning Network"

      LDV (I/04/B/F/NT-154056)
      Project leader: Claudio Demartini
      The HELEN-project has been established with the general aim to build a transnational network to develop instruments to make transparency between the VET-systems of different countries within reach of those who need it, e.g. students, workers and VET-teachers. Specifically, HELENs objectives are: 1. to favour mobility of workers and students, by comparing qualifications and qualification systems at the ...
    • project, -

      VET-TREND "Valorisation of an Experiment-based Training System through a Transnational Educational Network Development"

      Project leader: Bartolomeo Montrucchio
      The project aims to create a transnational network in the domain of virtual & remote experiments for e-learning based on integration and optimization of existing products (some of them created in the framework of the pilot project “Virtual-Electro-Lab” RO/01/B/F/PP141024), with the multilateral use of the transnational network capabilities. The network is aimed to: – Expand and valorise the existing ...